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If you have a child or parent with a medical disability, you can easily find yourself misallocating money when it comes to purchasing medical supplies online or in store. Some medical supplies can be more of a drain on your wallet than they need to be, such as disposable or reusable bed pads.

It’s no secret that a poor night’s sleep can ruin your day before it even begins. There is no place where being well-rested and having access to quality medical supplies is more imperative than at a hospital, where a countless amount of patients require ample rest and comfort to recover from whichever illnesses or injuries they have endured.

Unfortunately for many ill patients or family members, subpar bed pads often have negative impacts on sleep and overall wellness. If you are simply purchasing average, run-of-the-mill disposable bed pads from your local medical supply store, you are compromising the health and wellness of your patients, your family members or whoever you are purchasing bed pads for. There is a much more effective way to manage urinary incontinence for your patients or ill family members.

Washable and reusable bed pads are an outstanding alternative, and none are more reliable than the ReliaMed Reusable Underpad on For anyone looking to purchase wholesale medical supplies online or in store, there are plenty of lesser-known reasons why reusable bed pads are so beneficial.



What’s more important than consumer satisfaction?

Disposable bed pads are often made out of cheap absorbent paper or plastic that easily crinkles. Aside from not being very absorbent to begin with, they are also not great at controlling odors or staying in place throughout the night.

Nevermind the fact that liquids will cause odors, but they can also seep through the bed pad and damage the mattress and box springs themselves.

Add those variables together, and you have yourself one awful night’s sleep. Reusable bed pads are much more pleasant to sleep on since they are typically made of higher-quality cotton or polyester. Since they don’t shift around nearly as much throughout the night, and also reduce the stress of worrying whether or not your bed pad is going to work, a night of sleep on a reusable pad is much more effective.

Through a medical study published on, it was found that patients using reusable pads required less than half the amount of bed changes as opposed to those on disposable ones.

Did you also know that according to Huffington Post, there have been a number of historically significant accidents that took place simply due to a poor night’s sleep, including the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill?

And to think a reusable bed pad could have prevented all of that!


We know the consumer is happy due to the comfort level, but what business doesn’t love a good price?

Disposable bed pads can cost as low as $0.15, but it’s typical to spend around $0.50 per pad. The ReliaMed Reusable Underpad linked above is $7.95, but will last through as many machine washes as you need.

A disposable pad will need to be changed almost every day. In the long run, the extra investment pays off both for your wallet and your convenience.


It is easy to forget about how much waste is created from using disposable bed pads. Instead of throwing out a large amount of waste products on a daily basis, reusable pads allow you to simply wash and reapply the same pad time and time again.

If the convenience and price weren’t large enough factors to dissuade consumers from buying disposable, negatively impacting the environment should be.


Bed pads are one of those medical supplies that are often associated with hospitals for wheelchair and bedridden patients. While bed pads are certainly helpful in that aspect, that’s not all they’re good for.

Do you have a newborn baby at home? After lining the child’s crib with a reusable bed pad, you’ll be thankful that not only is cleanup so much simpler, but that your little one now sleeps through the night.

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What about a slightly furrier family member? Yes, reusable bed pads are wonderful for pets as well. If you are training a new puppy, or your pet isn’t taking well to house training in general, reusable bed pads will be a lifesaver.

Could you imagine trying to line your new dog’s bed with a disposable paper-like bed pad? That has disaster written all over it.

Wrapping Up

Incontinence is not an easy issue to deal with for patients, nurses or family members, but reusable bed pads make it much more manageable for both parties.

They are more cost-effective, comfortable, eco-friendly and reliable than your typical disposable pads. Whether you are taking care of a family member or running a medical care facility, you can’t go wrong with adding reusable bed pads to your arsenal of medical supplies.

Do you have experience using or purchasing reusable bed pads, or other similar medical supplies? Let us know in the comment section.

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