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5 Wholesale Medical Supplies to Buy in Bulk Leave a comment

Picture this: Your hospital patient needs an injection…but there’s only one syringe left in your medical supplies closet. In a panic, you realize that the hospital has run out of needles, and that it’s only a matter of time before another patient requires an injection. What on earth do you do?

While this was an extreme example, it was a good representation of what would happen if hospitals, hospices and people caring for sick relatives didn’t regularly buy their basic medical supplies in large quantities.

A lack of basic, high-demand  medical supplies is a nightmare for anyone with a patient in his/her care. To prevent that from happening, keep reading for a list of common medical supplies that are in constant high-demand and should be purchased in bulk.

  1. Syringes and Needles

Injections are used to introduce drugs or vaccines into the bloodstream. The syringes and needles used for such injections come in a variety of sizes and lengths, depending on what they’re being used for. Be sure to purchase quantities according to your needs.

Buy pre-filled syringes in bulk here.

  1. IVs and General Purpose Catheters

These flexible tubes are used for infusions or blood transfusions. Or, in the case of a general purpose catheter, the tube is meant to remove waste from wounds and the digestive or urinary systems. Because many patients require an IV, they are always needed in a steady supply and should be purchased in large amounts.

Buy IV supplies in bulk here, and buy catheter supplies in bulk here.

  1. Reusable Bed Pads

bm-blog-2For ill patients, “subpar bed pads often have negative impacts on sleep and overall wellness,” and constantly having to replace them can be costly. Washable and reusable bed pads are a good alternative because they are cost-effective, comfortable and also environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for a reliable, reusable bed pad, look no further than the ReliaMed Reusable Underpad, sold on

Buy reusable bed pads in bulk and check out BuyMedical’s best-selling 34×36 ReliaMed Reusable Underpad, now on sale for $7.95 (originally $10.25).

  1. Bandages, Adhesive Strips, and Medical Tape

Wounds and minor injuries are some of the most common medical issues, which means that bandages, medical tape, wound fillers and the like are incredibly important. These supplies come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the nature of the wound. A wound is cleaned, disinfected and bandaged in order to prevent contamination or infection.

Fun fact: Aside from general medical settings, sports and military medical facilities are the most likely to use medical supplies like bandages!

Buy bandages in bulk here, and medical tape here.

  1. Antiseptics

These supplies are crucial, because they are used to disinfect wounds, injection sites and surgical incision areas. Disinfection is essential in order to neutralize infection before it becomes a major concern. The most common antiseptics include alcohol, alcohol-iodine solutions, boric acid, and hydrogen peroxide.

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