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Boost Nutritional Drinks

Boost Nutritional Drinks

Boost nutritional drinks include various nutritional drinks designed for individual person who have lost their appetite, People who have difficulty preparing meals and those who need extra nutrition to fill gaps in their diet.

Boost VHC – Very High Calorie Vanilla 237 ml (8 fl oz.) Tetra Brik

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This Boost VHC Vanilla very high calorie supplement is ideal for anyone trying to preserve muscle mass, support weight goals, or combating diminished appetites.

Nestle Boost VHC Vanilla Drink

The Boost VHC- Very high Calorie Vanilla nutritional drink has 530 calories, with high protein, which helps preserve muscle mass, and supports weight goals.

  • The most calorically-dense, nutritionally complete oral beverage with 2.25 kcal/mL
  • Appropriate for medication pass supplement programs**
  • Nutritionally dense to accommodate diminished appetites
  • Combines high calories with 22 g protein to help preserve lean muscle mass and support weight gain or maintenance goals

Each: $1.37 before $1.50
Case of 27: $32.99 before $40.50

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