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Choosing the Best Breast Pump for you Leave a comment

Today there are many new mothers using breast pumps to make their lives a little easier. The best breast pumps can offer relief from the chaos new motherhood can bring, sleepless nights, going back to work, and soreness. Breast milk can be a very vital part of your baby’s growth, but it is not always convenient to breast feed. With a breast pump you have more options that will make you life a little easier and your baby can still get those valuable nutrients. Dad can help with those late night feedings so mom can get the rest she deserves. You can pump at work so your baby can still receive breast milk even when you are not there to breast feed. The question that most women ask is what is the best breast pump for me?

Choosing the best breast pump for you can be a challenge. There are many different brands to research such as Medela, Avent, Ameda, and Evenflo breast pumps. Depending on how often you plan to pump you will need to decide between an electric and manual pump. Many of the best breast pumps on the market are very portable, some are designed to look like a small backpack and some designed like a purse. Most of these breast pumps come with an insulated cooler and ice packs. They very in price range from $30 to $350, your budget will be big factor in which one you will choose. One of the best ways to choose a breast pump is to read as many reviews as possible on each of the pumps you are considering. There are other options rather than buying a breast pump. Some mothers like the benefits of electric pumps, but do not have the budget to purchase one. In this case you have the option to rent an electric pump, which can be covered under insurance in some cases. If this is what you decide to do you will have to purchase a collection kit. The collection kit includes bottles, tubing and flanges. This can be a valuable option if your budget is a little tight. One thing remember in this process is to never buy a used breast pump. There is no guarantee the pump has been cleaned properly between uses, which could put you newborn at risk to many health issues.

Breast Pumps recommendation

Portable and lightweight is must-be when you’re choosing for a breast pump. BuyMedical offers different breast pumps such as Spectra S2 Plus Hospital Strength Breast Pump, enabling you to store more milk quickly, ideal for quick pumping sessions.

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