Cleaning room supplies are personal protective equipment and other related gears that are specifically designed for controlled environments necessary to prevent contamination of the environment, the technician, and the patient. Moreover, cleaning room supplies may be used with medical devices, sterile compounding pharmacies, surgical procedures, chemotherapy devices, and other similar equipment.

Cleaning Room Supplies

Lightweight Isolation Gown, Yellow, Universal


Lightweight Isolation Gown, Yellow, Universal


Bouffant Cap, 24", Blue


Lightweight Isolation Gown, Yellow, X-Large


Impervious Gown Regular, White


Lightweight Isolation Gown, Blue, Universal


Anti-Static Microporous Breathable Coveralls with Hood and Boots, 4X-Large


Spill Clean-Up Kit with Mask And Gloves


Blue Spunbond Shoe Cover, Universal


Face Mask, Molded Cone, Blue


Economy Isolation Gown Regular, Yellow


Biohazardous Waste Collection Bag, 1.2 mL, 23" x 23", Red


ChemoPlus Highly Absorbent Low Lint Towel 9" x 9"


Biohazardous Waste Bag, Red/Black, 33 Gallon, 1.20mil, 33" x 39"


Full-Length Lab Coat, 2X-Large, White


Tyvek Coverall, X-Large, White