Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant, 0.5 g Vial
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Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant, 0.5 g Vial

A liquid skin protectant that is designed safeguard intact or damages skin from incontinence, moisture, bodily fluids, friction, shear and adhesive stripping.
Product Main Features
  • Protects from moisture
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Fast drying and breathable
  • Good fragrance
  • Easy to apply
  • No sting formula
  • Latex-Free
Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant is recommended for those who wants to get rid of the friction and moisture from their skin which causes irritation for them. This product will help them to protect themselves from these problems and also useful to remove effects of urine exudes, sweat and other bodily fluids. This liquid skin protectant has fast drying formula but has a long lasting effect onto the skin. Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant ia a non-cytotoxic cyanoacrylate-based monomer that works effectively as a strong skin barrier to resists moisture, but still keeps your skin to breath.
This 0.5 g applicator is latex-free, alcohol-free and sterile. Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant can be use all over the body that is prone to skin tears, abrasions, adhesive stripping and that has a damaged skin, fragile skin, periwound skin and peristomal skin. Reapply after three days or more if cracking still occurred and continue applying the product in thin layer until the affected skin returns back to its normal.
Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant is from Medline Industries Inc. that both manufactures and distributes medical supplies and clinical programs. They help healthcare providers achieve both clinical and financial success in an environment that demands a cost-effective and good quality product.
  • Product should not be applied on second- or third-degree burns, on infected areas and on deep puncture wounds.
  • Product is not suitable for children and infants.
Product Information and Specifications
2-Octyl cyanoacrylate, n-Butyl cyanoacrylate
Net Weight: 0.5 g
Continer Type: Ampoule (Vial)
Quantity: 1  Each
Type: Skin Protectant
Brand:  Medline
Manufacturer: Medline Industries Inc.
UPC:  80196323695