Boost Very High Calorie Vanilla 237 mL (8 fl oz.) Tetra Brik
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Boost Very High Calorie Vanilla 237 mL (8 fl oz.) Tetra Brik

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Boost® Very High Calorie Vanilla is a high calorie solution for consumers. Each carton of Boost® VHC is loaded with 530 calories and 22 grams of protein, which helps preserve muscle mass and encourages weight gain.


  • Calorically dense — each carton contains 2.25 kcal/mL and 22 grams of protein
  • Appropriate for use in medication pass supplement programs

Nutritionally dense to accommodate consumers with diminished appetites

Boost® Very High Calorie is a nutritionally complete, high calorie product for consumers looking for a solution to their nutritional needs. Each carton of Boost® VHC is loaded with 2.25 kcal/mL, making it nutritionally dense and ideal for consumers with diminished appetites. Along with providing consumers with 530 calories per serving, each carton of Boost® VHC is also loaded with 22 grams of protein, making it a great option for those hoping to maintain lean muscle mass as well. Boost® VHC is also a great nutritional option for a lot of different diets, as it is a welcome addition to gluten-free, low-residue, fluid-restricted and kosher diets. Lactose-intolerant individuals may implement Boost® VHC into their diets with no real issue as well, so long as they are not diagnosed with galactosemia

Along with being an excellent dietary supplement, Boost® VHC may also be used in a variety of other nutritional applications, including but not limited to catering to individuals who have:

Increased energy needs

Restrictions on the volume of food they may consume


Boost® VHC is not suitable for IV use.