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Don’t Leave the House Without These 5 Diabetic Supplies Leave a comment

It’s always important to get out and do the things you love, even when you struggle with diabetes. We understand that doing everyday things can be a bit difficult with diabetes, but with the right preparation, planning and diabetic supplies, you can do anything.

Diabetes should never stop you from leaving the house and doing the things you enjoy, especially with things like traveling and exercising. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 diabetic supplies you should never leave the house without, in order to help you prepare and overcome all obstacles with your diabetes planning.

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Medical ID

For those with diabetes, we strongly encourage and recommend having a medical ID with you at all times. We believe that a medical ID is as important as a driver’s license, and can be the resource that saves your life in case of an emergency. Your ID will act as a diabetes identity card, and can provide important medical information about you that others may need to know in case of a life-threatening emergency. It can easily be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or inserted into a bag for safe-keeping.  

So before you leave home, be sure to check that you have your medical ID with you – whether it be in the form of a card, USB, or other form. You won’t want to leave home without it.


Diabetes Medicine
diabetic supplies are imperativeYou can never be too careful when it comes to packing your diabetes medicine. If you’re planning to leave home for an extended amount of time, you should always remember to pack extra diabetic supplies. That includes syringes, alcohol wipes, oral medications (ie. pills), and other medications you may require.

It’s important to pack twice the number of diabetes pills you require, in case of an emergency. You can always use a carrying case for better transportation. 


Insulin & Extra Supplies

This goes hand-in-hand with carrying around diabetes medication. You should always remember to pack your insulin, as well as clean syringes (since they may be more convenient to use instead of a pump). Be sure to store your insulin in a cool, dry place to maintain room temperature; otherwise, it will lose its strength. It should never be too hot or too cold and should always be carried with you. You should never leave home without your insulin.


Glucose Meter & Test Strips

Like checking your insulin levels, it’s also important to maintain your blood glucose levels. Carry some test strips and a glucose meter (and some extra batteries) so that you can consistently check your blood glucose levels. Your blood glucose levels should never be too high or too low. Therefore, it’s important to always remember to carry these alongside you so that you can check your blood glucose often.


Water & Snacks

StockSnap_AFVPRDIFKLIf your blood glucose levels fall too low, the best thing to have on hand is food and water. Whenever you leave home, be sure to carry a snack pack of crackers, a granola bar, fruit, or some other form of sugar to treat your low blood glucose.

Water should also be readily available, so be sure to take some along with you as well. If you travel around outside, you can never be sure that food is readily available, which is why it’s always best to be prepared.

For more information about traveling with diabetes care and necessary diabetic supplies, visit BuyMedical has the best and most affordable healthcare supplies you need to take with you whenever you leave home, so be sure to check out our range of diabetes supplies. Remember, it’s always better to be prepared and ready in case of emergencies, because your body and health are worth it.

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