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Financial Aids that Will Help You Pay for Your Durable Medical Equipment Leave a comment

As the number of ageing Americans are growing, there is also an increased demand for affordable durable medical equipment. May it be for home use or an equipment needed by a skilled nursing home, it is important that the equipment used is sufficient.

To show our care for our ageing loved ones or family members with disabilities, it is best we provide them with durable medical equipment to help them live their lives as normally as possible. Durable Medical Equipment or DME refers to long-lasting, reusable medical equipment that offers more independence and convenience to its users.

Examples of Medical Aids that Help Seniors

Walking Aids

Walking aids are a necessary addition. But purchasing durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom commodes, handrails, lifting chairs, hospital beds, crutches, and other miscellaneous DME can be overwhelming as they cost a lot. But luckily in the United States, there are financial programs and healthcare insurances that can provide assistance.

General Assistance

Financial aids may come from benefits from the government. is a great website to start searching for healthcare benefits you can apply for. State-sponsored programs are available in each state to aid with purchasing medical equipment and supplies.


Meanwhile, there are foundations that offer grants that help pay for healthcare equipment. Eligibility depends on your chosen foundation. Grants offer the necessary assistance when people most need it.

Healthcare Insurance


Medicare is a national health insurance program that offers personalized plans. As a person turns 65 years old, he or she is eligible for a Medicare plan for seniors. Even those who are not yet 65 but disabled qualify for a Medicare assistance as they are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI. Medicare offers financial aid through what they categorized as “Part B”. This Medical Advantage Plan covers 2 types of services: Preventive Services and Medically Necessary Services where Part B pays a huge portion of the durable medical equipment total price. To apply for Medicare, you may visit their website here or you may call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 to get started.


Medicaid is a well-known insurance program in the US due to a high number of underprivileged senior citizens and people with disabilities with low income that depend on the company’s financial aid for medical care. Medicaid has a more organized approach in providing their benefits. Their financial programs vary from state to state. If you do not have Medicaid yet, visit their website or you may visit your local welfare office to apply.

For most families, they apply to both Medicare and Medicaid insurances. Usually, the scenario would be Medicaid pays for the portion of the bills for medical equipment that isn’t part of Medicare’s coverage.

Non-government Community Organizations

For sure there is a club that offers aid in paying for medical care depending on their cause. For some, it’s for people with hearing disabilities, for the elderly, and some focus on helping people with limited mobility. To know about the nearest club that offers help in purchasing medical equipment, you may contact your local United Way.

Whichever aid or program you choose, make sure the assistance program fits your income. To qualify for a program, there will be requirements that need to be submitted depending on your chosen health insurance. For more information about assistance aids in your community, contact your local health centers.

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