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What to Look For When Purchasing a Celebration Ostomy Belt Leave a comment

For those who don’t know it, an ostomy is a general term that refers to the surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of bodily waste. For those who have experienced or are planning on experiencing an ostomy first hand, there comes a time where you must consider the medical supplies necessary for a healthy and active life. These medical supplies include a celebration ostomy belt.

Now, a question you might be having is…well, what exactly is a celebration ostomy belt?

trcb02mThese belts are used by wrapping around your abdomen and attaching the loops from your pouch onto it. They are useful for supporting the pouch, ensuring enhanced adhesion, and providing a sense of security. An ostomy belt is also a great alternative to adhesives that may develop skin problems.

However, there is more to consider than the benefits, when it comes to purchasing a celebration ostomy belt. Depending on your own personal needs, a belt can either be a requirement or simply an addition that isn’t necessary. For example, the construction of your stoma and the characteristics of your skin around your stoma will possibly impact the security of your pouching system. If you notice certain problems such as leaks or an easily shifting system, a belt may be needed in order to help tug the pouching system toward your abdomen.

There are also cases where you may not necessarily require a belt, but would prefer to have one in order to enhance your sense of security. If you are someone who is active, enjoys soaking in baths or hot tubs, or sweats excessively – an ostomy belt will offer support that you may prefer.

It is important to remember that not all pouching systems will accommodate a belt, so if you choose or need to use an ostomy belt, it may limit the type of pouching system you can use. Other notes to make regarding a belt include remembering that the belt should be snug, but not tight. They are also elastic, so they will stretch over time with repeated use.

A celebration ostomy belt can be an incredibly helpful medical supply to have in your accessories set, and if you choose to purchase one, the Celebration Ostomy Belt from BuyMedical is a great option. Choosing to purchase an ostomy belt means choosing to provide extra security as well as support for yourself.

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