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Millennials and Healthcare Leave a comment

Many millennials, though not all, are prioritizing material things nowadays- signature clothes, designer bags, luxury shoes, gadget, to name a few. They love to socialize and go to all-night parties and social gatherings. The importance of health is being neglected to give way to other stuff which gives temporary happiness and satisfaction. However, they should be very mindful of the importance of health.

Listed are some things that millennials are doing which is very much the opposite of promoting healthcare:

  • Intake of unhealthy food- since everything is fast-paced for the lives of our dear millennials, most of them prefer instant food in cups, fast food, chips on-the-go, alcoholic beverages, and bottled drinks instead of fresh juice. We all know the effects of these kinds of food if taken frequently. It is not surprising to hear about a person on his early 30’s suffering from medical conditions caused by the food that he eats.
  • Too much intake of food and drinks such as coffee- coffee is not like the unhealthy food mentioned above. But the effects, if taken more than the recommended amount can give a negative impact to health too. Obesity is also a very common situation and it is not limited to millennials. Everybody has the potential to develop obesity. Too much of everything is not good.
  • Overworking- millennials are also known to be career-oriented, thus, they spend a lot of time working. This gives them less time to do things well for their well being. No time for exercise, no time to be with family which could affect their psychological health, don’t have enough time of sleep and rest. Without those, the body of a person will have a very weak immune system, add up the stress and health will really be at risk.
  • Smoking packets of cigarettes- some millennials and even non-millennials can smoke even more than a pack, and that is very alarming. Not only it can cause a hazard to one’s health but also to people around, especially kids. However, despite many reminders, warnings and high cost, smokers can’t avoid using it. Millennials use it to “reduce stress,” if in the long run, does it really reduce stress?
  • Not going for regular check-ups- because they were born in the technology era, many millennials believe that everything can be found in google. So they tend to neglect symptoms and try to self-medicate. However, not everything that we find on the internet is enough. Especially for healthcare. It is still best to visit the doctor once in a while especially if you feel that there’s something wrong with your body.

It is more convenient to do the things that we just like to enjoy and live life to the fullest. But isn’t it better to enjoy a longer life without suffering much from the illnesses?

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