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Absorbent Underwear

Urine leaks can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable. We get it. It can happen at any stage of a person’s life, especially on youngsters. Using absorbent underwear for incontinence will protect them from light to heavy urine or fecal leakage.

Absorbent underwears are designed to look like regular underwear plus the discretion. They are most ideal for medium to heavy bladder and bowel leakage. These underwears are effective when it comes to keeping kids or you comfortable and dry all day long.

How to Use Absorbent Underwear

Just use them as regular underwear! Pretty awesome, right?


  • Protects from urine leaks
  • Controls odor and moisture
  • Keeps you feeling dry
  • Gives you confidence and security every day and night


Pediatric – Confidently put your babies to sleep with this absorbent underwear so keep them dry instead of cold and wet in the morning. This incontinence underwear will keep them from daytime and nighttime wetting.

Youth – Allow your kids to have fun, run around, and play with other kids without having to worry about them suffering from incontinence. Some children are nervous about going into sleepovers or night camps that they might wet their pajamas or sheets. What they most need is a nighttime protection from bedwetting or unwanted urinary leaks.

Research has shown that using high-quality incontinence products can reduce frustration and stress levels of parents from kids dealing with involuntary urination or fecal discharge.

BuyMedical carries a wide range of pediatric and youth underwear incontinence products. As parents, you can be confident that the kids are dry and comfortable all day or night long. And the kids can enjoy the finest things their youthful life can offer without worrying about awkward bladder leaks in any activity.

Our team offers Prevail, Curity, DryTime, Tranquility, and SwimMate to name a few of the most trusted brands in youth incontinence at a low cost.

You can also browse through our catalog of different kinds of incontinence products like absorbent pads, absorbent underpads, antibacterial wipes, fecal bags, and undergarments.

Shop now and we will process your order on the same day. Speedy shipment of quality products is what we are all about. Call us today to place an order!

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