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Youth Underwear

Youth Underwear is also known as Diapers for kids. Youth diapers are designed for the larger kids having the same needs as the toddlers. The sizes are bigger obviously but are just fit for the average youth versus the adult diapers.

Wetting in public or in sleepovers can cause frustration for a kid especially when they are out with friends during playtime or overnight camps. Youth underwear can limit these frustrations and stop the stigma of wetting other children. This absorbent underwear can help your kids gain confidence in playing and making new friends without the worry of shaming themselves of involuntary urination.

BuyMedical offers brands such as Prevail, Curity, DryTime, Tranquility, and SwimMate that are assured to be friendly to a child’s sensitive skin.

You can also browse through our catalog of different kinds of incontinence products like absorbent pads, absorbent underpads, antibacterial wipes, fecal bags, and undergarments.

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