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Absorbent undergarments are also known as diapers. They are not only used by infants but also old people who have limited mobility. Adult diapers as they are also known, are not just for the bedridden. A senior having an engaging or active lifestyle can also suffer from incontinence. Women after childbirth or surgery may also be affected by light to medium bladder leakage.

How to Use Absorbent Undergarments

It is worn like a regular underwear that you can pull on and off. It is recommended that the patient should take their weight measurement at the belly button and then refer to the sizing chart of the undergarment brand.


Different brands offer different kinds of features. Some may have different linings of tabs on the sides of the undergarment, like a tear-away side. Some may cost a little bit more due to additional pads or booster pads for more absorption.

Choosing the Right Undergarment

Absorbency – When choosing a pull-up undergarment or adult diaper, be sure to compare the amount of fluid to the diaper’s capacity to hold it.

Fit – Getting the right fit is very important as it affects comfort and prevents leakage from the diaper itself. Check the leg cuffs if they are comfortable enough for the patient as the most common area for leakage is at the leg openings. There brands available that have elastic or tear-away features that you can choose from.

Odor Control – Choose a brand that offers optimum control of odor caused by bladder or bowel excretion.

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