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Urinary Bags

A urinary leg bag is a medical supply that provides discreet urine storage under a person’s clothing. Secured to the leg of the user, it is attachable to a catheter and is advisable for daytime use.

We understand your need for comfort and reliability with this product.

As such, BuyMedical features a range of high-quality urinary leg bags for catheters. We carry different brands to help you find the exact product type that you need.

More than providing a variety of options, we ensure a pleasant shopping experience to reduce your concerns about your condition.

Our urinary leg bags come at affordable prices to help you manage healthcare costs. We can also arrange fast shipping to all retail consumers, so items are received when they are needed most.

Our friendly and well-trained staff can also assist you in finding specific urinary bag supplies and in placing an order.

Purchase through phone is available.

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