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BD Slip-Tip Disposable Syringe, 30 cc

This is a Becton Dickenson’s slip-tip disposable syringe that measures doses of medicines up to 30 cc. It has easy-to-read scale markings in both milliliters and teaspoon scale. This is a single-use syringe that is offered without needles.
Product Main Features
  • Latex-free and Non-sterile
  • General purpose syringe
  • Easy-to-read scale markings
  • Slip-tip syringe
  • Accurately measures doses of liquid medicine
  • 30 mL or 30 cc syringe capacity


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Becton Dickinson’s slip-tip disposable syringe is can be used in different medical applications. Its slip-tip type is to provide a friction-fit connection that requires pushing and twisting the syringe tip into the needle hub. These syringes deliver accuracy on the measurement of liquid medicine doses with its clear barrel. It can measure up to 30 cubic centimeters or 30 milliliters of liquid medicine. Moreover, this syringe has an easy-to-read scale markings feature that is in both milliliters and teaspoon scale.
This BD syringe is made up of latex-free material and is non-sterile. It is for single-use only and can fit with either conventional or safety needles.
Becton Dickinson is one of the top manufacturers that reach in almost 50 countries worldwide. Becton Dickinson is also known as the BD Medical or Becton and Dickinson is well respected and prominent among medical professionals. There products include syringes, needles, and sharps disposal.
Product Information and Specifications  
Item Weight: 0.7 oz.
Syringe Tip: Slip-Tip
Syringe Wall: Clear
Syringe Capacity: 30 milliliter or 30 cubic centimeters
Syringe Capacity Graduations: 1 mL increments
Sterility: Non-Sterile
Brand: Becton Dickinson
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