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Adult Nasal Cannula Clear Lightweight with 7′ Tubing

Lightweight and portable nasal cannula especially designed for adult to help with their respiratory problems.
Product Main Features
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Eliminates noise flow
  • Enhanced face piece
  • Good quality
  • Secure positioning


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Adult Nasal Cannula Clear Lightweight with 7 feet tubing provides the patients complete package of comfort and easiness. All its parts are soft, smooth, and lightweight which can carry by patient for longer durations. Salter Brands are always providing good quality products with positive reliability. These products can be used for long period of time without taking any tension and irritation. Its color is kept clear so impurities of air flow can easily be detected. It has 7′ feet tubing supply which helps patients to move freely and comfortably. As compared with other brands, this adult nasal cannula is far better in quality as well as in price, too.
This Adult Nasal Cannula further contains 3 channel safety tubing which minimized the effect of kinking and disturbed oxygen supply. Its curved nasal prongs fit well on patient and keep them relaxed.
Salter Labs are always providing their customers a good quality product with a very reasonable price and providing products that would give comfort to patients and worth of their money.
Product Information and Specifications
Length: 7 ft
Item weight: m3.52  lbs.
Quantity: 1 pc
Color: Clear
User: Adult
Application: Nasal Cannula
Brand: Salter Labs
UPC: 724235208993
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