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CORFLO Ultra Lite Nasogastric Feeding Tube with Stylet, 8 fr, 43″


Corpak Corflo® Ultra Lite Nasogastric Feeding Tube with Stylet 8Fr, 43″ L, Non-weighted, With Anti-clog Feeding Port, Polyurethane, Latex-free, DEHP-free

Corflo® Ultra Lite NG Enteral Feeding Tube are designed for intubations where anti-clogging and ease of insertion are critical and feature the unique Anti-Clog feeding port. All Corflo® feeding tubes are printed with centimeter marks for increased patient safety and intubation accuracy.

  • The ULTRA anti-clog outlet port significantly reduces the occurrence of clogging.
  • Used to provide nutrition to patients who cannot obtain nutrition by swallowing.
  • The largest selection of adult, pediatric, and neonatal feeding tubes to allow one-stop sourcing for all your feeding tubes hospital or system-wide.
  • Patented TRAK feeding tubes: The ONLY feeding tubes that can be used with the CORTRAK® Enteral Access System.
  • Radiopaque for X-ray confirmation.
  • Y-ports on all CORFLO feeding tubes minimize touch contamination and makes flushing easy.
  • Stylet lengths are matched to the CORFLO feeding tubes.
  • Flow-through stylets to flush and aspirate during the insertion procedure.
  • Coated with a water-activated lubricant to ease insertion.