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Curity Sterile Abdominal Pad 5″ x 9″


Curity™ Sterile Abdominal Pad 5” L x 9” W

The Curity Abdominal Pad manufactured by Kendall under brand Covidien is an optional sterile/ non-sterile abdominal gauze bad that is designed to be used in wound care. The pad is fluff filled and sealed on all four sides to maximize absorbency and prevent leaks and lint residue while the non-woven top sheet provides exceptional patient comfort. Due to its sterile and non sterile packaging, the pad is ideal for multiple different applications including primary and secondary layers for exudating wounds.

• Sterile
• Designed for maximum absorbency and comfort.
• All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue and leaking.
• Soft, non-woven top sheet layer.
• Fluff filled.
• Maximizes patient comfort.

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