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Face Down Pillow, White 29” x 14” x 6” Washable

A washable face down pillow that allows you to lay your face down without any stress or pain on your back. It gives better comfort for patients who wants to lay face down after an eye surgery.
Product Main Features
  • Gives relaxation and comfort
  • Gently cradles the face
  • Keeping spine at correct position
  • Washable
  • Slopes down from 1 to ½ inch
  • Made from Polyurethane foam
  • With a white polycotton cover


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Feel relaxed on this face down pillow that would let you lay face down without any strain or pain on your back. This gentle slope with polyurethane pillows will definitely gives comfort and gentleness to its user. It has a perfect U-shaped opening that will gently cradle your face while keeping your spine in correct position. This product have a  unique comfort channel on one side which will allow women to lay face down and the reverse side of this pillow is flat for men. Though this pillow is white in color, it is easily washable thru machine. Its size is 29 by 14 by 6 inches and slopes down to 1 up to half inch that perfectly suits on every person’s body.
This face down pillow is brought to you by Hermell Products, Inc. that focuses to customer’s needs. Their of product significantly includes soft goods such as foot care products, wheel chair and seating cushions, cervical & lumbar cushions, orthopedic supports, slings, decubitus care products, and collection of products for the bed. All their durable products are designed using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and American ingenuity.
Product Information and Specifications
Color:  White
Type:  Face down pillow
Quantity: 1 Each
Brand: Hermell Products Inc.
UPC:  91600000000
SKU: HFMJ1430 Categories: ,
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 71.12 × 33.02 × 15.24 cm