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Kerlix Sterile Sponge 4″ x 4″


Kerlix™ sponges are pre-washed, fluff-dried, woven gauzes with a crinkle-weave pattern to provide loft and bulk, and to cushion and protect wound areas. These 4″ x 4″ sponges are ideal for all-purpose floor use and they serve as superior primary dressings. Their absorbency and texture are ideal for prepping, cleansing, packing and debriding wounds. Made from high-grade 100% U.S. grown cotton, Kerlix™ sponges exceed USP Type VII gauze requirements.

  • Kendall Kerlix™ Gauze Sponge’s overlapped edges prevent pressure points while bandaging.
  • Crinkle weave pattern and diamond-fold construction offers superior loft, bulk and high absorbency.
  • Prewashed, fluff-dried, woven gauze.
  • Reduces the risk of maceration.
  • Well-suited for a multitude of applications.
  • Exceed USP Type VII gauze requirements.
  • High-grade 100% U.S. grown cotton.
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Weight 0.4208 lbs
Dimensions 4.6 × 5.8 × 4.3 cm