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Kleenex Facial Tissue Junior

This is a two-ply tissue that offers premium quality with outstanding value in a smaller box. It is a soft facial tissue that gives a home-like comfort feeling.
Product Main Features
  • Soft and home-like comfort
  • Cost effective
  • Travel-friendly
  • 2-ply tissue


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Kleenex Tissue Juniors Medical Wipe is the America’s number 1 brand of facial tissue. This product is a two-ply facial tissue that offers premium quality with outstanding value in a smaller box. It is a soft tissue and gives the home-like comfort experience to its user. Kleenex tissue also provides dependable strength and promotes good hygiene. Each box of Kleenex is consisting of 65 counts of white absorbent tissues with the measurement of 8.4 by 5.8 inches. This product is very travel-friendly that is can fit in tight spaces. It is also very cost-effective product because with each box, you can use it in various applications.  Kleenex tissue is ideal to use in washrooms, healthcare and medical offices, treatment rooms, workplace or businesses, classrooms, hotels and lodging, or even in your homes.
Kleenex is one of the most loved and trusted well-known brand in the market. This product brand is also one of the most recognizable and respected brands worldwide. Kleenex has always been bringing the highest quality of facial tissues. Kleenex Tissue Juniors Medical Wipe is manufactured by Kimberly Clark Professional that provides dependable products in more than 175 countries. This company produces and distributes products that would enhance their consumer’s health, hygiene and well-being.
Product Information and Specifications
Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 inches
Weight: 0.15 lb.
Quantity: 1 box with 65-count of tissues
Ply: 2-ply
Color: White
Container Type: Box
Brand: Kleenex
Manufacturer: Kimberly-Clark Professional
UPC: 801593230665
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