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Sensi-Care Sting Free Adhesive Releaser Spray, 5 oz. Aerosol Can

An adhesive releaser that leaves no residue and releases adhesives from the skin effectively. It provides barrier film layer on the skin to protect it from damaging effects of adhesives.
Product Main Features
  • Painlessly removes adhesives from skin
  • Fragrance and Dye-Free
  • Leaves No Residue
  • CHG Compatible
  • Silicon-based Formula
  • Sterile
  • Non-Alcohol


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Sensi-Care Sting Free Adhesive Releaser will save you from the pain and skin tearing from removing adhesive onto your skin. This fragrance-free and dye-free adhesive releaser effectively release adhesives form one’s skin and at the same time provides a barrier film layer that gives protection from the damaging that the adhesives will cause. Convect Sensi-Care Spray will diminish patient’s Trauma with “No Touch” removal. This product is sterile and non-alcoholic in nature. It is also CHG compatible and leaves no residue to the skin.  Moreover, this adhesive releaser is made with silicon-based formula so it is safe to your skin and will not sting when applied.
Sensi-Care Sting Free Adhesive Releaser can be sprayed with the aerosol upside down but do not use it in the horizontal position for a long time. Just spray this sensi-care product around the edge of the adhesive, and after a few seconds you can just easily peel off the adhesive from your skin,
Sensi-Care Sting Free Adhesive Releaser is manufactured by ConvaTec that manufactures and distributions healthcare equipment and supplies which provide a range of clinical and economic benefits. ConvaTec is one of the world leaders that develops and markets innovative technologies in advanced wound care, ostomy care, continence and critical care, and infusion devices. Most of their products offer a limited lifetime warranty (excluding disposable products).
For a traumatic removal of medical adhesives, wound dressings and appliances.
Avoid use on sensitive or delicate skin areas
Use only as directed.  Stop using the product when irritation occurs.
Storage requirements:      
Pressurized container. Protect from sunlight and don’t expose to temperature that exceeds to 50°C.
Avoid direct inhalation.
Don’t spray on naked flame. No smoking.
Don’t burn or pierce even after use.
Product Information and Specifications
Silicon Blend
Inactive Ingredient:
Contains Siloxanes
Net Weight:  5 oz. (150 mL)
Type:   Spray
Container:  Aerosol Can
Quantity: 1  Can
Formula type:  Silicone formula
Brand: Sensi-Care
Manufacturer: ConvaTec
UPC: 680051757070
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