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TENA Women Protective Underwear 29″ – 40″


TENA® Women Heavy Protection Underwear looks and feels like your regular underwear. It is a discreet, comfortable and secure pull-on type protection for moderate to heavy bladder weakness offering Super Plus absorbency. TENA® Women Heavy Protection Underwear also moves securely with you, so your protection stays in place and is less visible under clothes. And in addition to providing advanced leakage protection, it contains Advanced Odor Protection technology to fight odors.

  • Increased absorbency and new core shape.
  • Heavy protection underwear with super-absorbent microbeads for advanced leakage protection during the day and night.
  • Modern design to fit, look and feel like everyday underwear.
  • Body-hugging fabric for secure protection that stays in place.
  • Cottony-soft material for maximum comfort and discretion.
  • Advanced odor protection pH-balanced to fight odors.
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