Tranquility Topliner Booster Contour 15″ x 20″


Increase overall absorbency of any disposable brief or undergarment by adding a TopLiner Booster Contour.  The flow-through design allows the pad to fill to capacity then pass additional fluid to the host garment.  The hourglass shape provides a large absorbent area and helps contain bowel incontinence.  Softer texture makes cleanup easier.  The added absorbency reduces the need for nighttime changes, improving sleep patterns.  TopLiner Booster Contours are an economical way to extend the use of a host garment.

  • Soft texture makes clean up easier.
  • Contour booster pads are convenient to change.
  • Easy to dispose.
  • Wider design.


Sold by: Case of 120 , Package of 12
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