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BD Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device, Latex-Free

This product is a latex-free and single-use blood transfer device that will safely transfer specimen from syringe to tubes or blood culture bottles.
Product Main Features
  • Prevents possible contamination
  • Latex-free
  • Disposable
  • Reduce risk of infections
  • Easy to operate device
BD Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device is a latex-free and an easy-to-use device for transferring blood. This device comes with a Luer adapter that facilitates a safe specimen transfers. In an old way of transferring blood which is from the syringe needle to blood collection tube is dangerous and not secure. But with this transfer device, it helps maintain the specimen integrity that will require an accurate disease diagnosis. And aside from that, this can easily reduce the risk of contaminations or transfer-related injuries on the blood or specimens. This is a single-use product that should be disposed after using.
BD Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device is available in a single purchase and in a case of 200.
BD is one of the leading medical technology companies that deliver products for health care safety that includes medication safety, health care worker safety, and infection prevention.
Product Information and Specifications
Dimensions: 6.42 × 4.04 × 3.33 cm
Weight:  3.07 lbs.
Quantity: 1 Each or Case of 200
Material: Latex-free
Manufacturer: Becton Dinkinson Inc.
UPC:  703856076235
SKU: 58364880 Categories: ,
Weight 0.0155 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 cm