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X-Large Arms Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor that fits with arms ranging from 16.5″ to 23.6″ (42-60cm) in circumference (versus standard sleeves that are around 18″). Blood pressure monitor for weight lifters, body builders, football players and additionally bariatric patients.

Product Main Features

  • 60 Memory Recall
  • Enlightened Start Button
  • AccuFit Extra Large Cuff 16.5″ – 23.6″ (42-60cm)
  • Weight Rating Indicator
  • Unpredictable Heartbeat Detection
  • Latex- Free


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A&D Medical’s Extra Large Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a  special blood pressure monitor that has a extra large cuff to accommodate people with larger sized arms ranging from 16.5 inches to 23.6 inches (42 cm to 60 cm) in circumference versus the standard sleeve that are around 18 inches, This is also a blood pressure monitor for weight lifters, body builders, football players, and additionally bariatric patients. The LCD display shows the time, date, blood pressure and pulse with a Pressure Rating Indicator that lets you know what these readings mean. Coupled with a high-speed motor for a fast, comfortable reading Irregular Heartbeat Detection will alert the user of the presence of an irregular heartbeat while still providing an accurate reading Heart Wise Technology measures blood pressure on inflation while filtering out ambient noise on deflation.

A&D Medical’s extra large arms automatic blood pressure monitor can store 60 measurements in memory. It has an illuminated start button, a clock display with time and date stamp for logging and trending measurement. The product comes with an information manual (in English, French, and Spanish) and carrying case. A very convenient automatic blood pressure for it operates with 120V AC adaptor (included) or on a 4 AA batteries (not included). It has a large display that user can easily read.

This automatic blood pressure monitor is clinically validated for accuracy. Body movement sensor guides user to remain still during measurement. Cuff fit error prevents inaccurate measurements by alerting user when the cuff is too loose. All A&D Medical’s blood pressure monitor comes with cuffs that are not made with natural rubber latex; all have a battery life indicator. And as convenient as it gets, it has a A&D Connect companion app that you can download for free for you to electronically log and track measurements which is available on iOS and Android.

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