Davol Urinary Drainage Bag
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Davol Urinary Drainage Bag, 2,000 mL

A sterile and latex-free urine collection bag which is specifically used by the hospitals for urine sampling and urine measuring of patients.  
Product Main Features
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile fluid path
  • Prevent urine reflex
  • Easy to drain outlet
  • Anti-reflux drip chamber
Davol Urinary Drainage Bag is a sterile and latex-free urine collection bag that specifically used in hospitals for sampling and measuring. It has a flexible hook that allows it to be easily and securely hung on the hospital bed or on wheelchairs.  This urine bag has a capacity up to 2,000 ml. of collected fluids. Davol urinary drainage bag is a closed system urinay bag with sample port and has an anti-reflux drip chamber that would prevent urine reflux. Furthermore, , it has easy-to-drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder that is one of the best feature of this product.
  • Always empty your drainage bag every 4 to 8 hours. Wash with hands and soap before and after touching catheter and drainage bag. Always follow the cleanliness rules in order to avoid any kind of infections.
Product Information and Specifications
Dimensions: 8.2 x 8 x1.25 Inches
Weight: 0.9756 lb.
Quantity: 1 Each
Dimensions: 816.6 x 12.25 x 10.9 Inches
Weight: 7.545 lbs.
Quantity: Case of 20
Material: Latex-free
Capacity: 2000 mL
UPC:  796433923824