Nutrition can refer to the products and substances typically used for enteral feeding. These products provide nutritional support for tube feeding or enteral feeding, which is often done on individuals who suffer from impaired digestion or have special nutritional needs. Nutrition may include all nutrients required to maintain health or can function as a supplement to the diet of the individual. offers products that can help provide support for a wide range of nutrition needs...
Nutrition, especially through tube feeding may require specialized support to accommodate the needs of the individual. There are nutritional formulas available for relatively healthy people and there are formulas for a specified group of people with a certain condition or belong to a certain age group: infants, diabetics, people with cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, heart conditions, and many other medical conditions. They are made to sustain the digestion and absorption of all the essential nutrients (e.g. carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc) for the person’s specific needs.
Nutrition will depend on the specific nutritional needs of the individual. For children or infants, child nutrition and infant formulas will present many options for the nutrients necessary for the infant/child’s growth. Some individuals may only need partial or Supplementary Nutrition to their existing diet. Others may also have specific metabolic requirements for their body to function healthily.
Child Nutrition
Child Nutrition refers to formulas, powdered or liquid, which cater to the nutritional needs of children, especially those that have conditions requiring specific nutrients. Child Nutrition can also be used for enteral feeding or tube feeding.
Infant Formula
Infant formulas are designed to support the growth and development of babies. Just like child nutrition, infant formulas may come in liquid form or powdered form.
Metabolic nutrition refers to specific needs commonly geared towards the hastening or slowing down of an individual’s metabolism. It can also indicate other nutrients pertaining to specific conditions needing specific diets. Each formula specifies which conditions this may be best suited for.
RTH Supplemental Nutrition
Ready-to-Heat (RTH) Supplemental Nutrition are specific formulas made for individuals who are resistant to thyroid treatment due to an autosomal dominant disorder. Typically used for enteral feeding, RTH Supplemental Nutrition products are full of nutrients to assist in keeping the individual healthy despite the condition.
Solid Food Products
Solid food products pertain to food items made for tube feeding that are made of 100% real food and are blenderized. These solid food products are typically fed through a syringe using the gravity feeding method.
Supplemental Nutrition
Supplemental Nutrition refers to formulas designed to help add to the patient’s already existing diet of an individual. These formulas usually supplement the specific nutrient needs of an individual that need addressing, such as weight gain, muscle mass loss prevention, and other conditions.
Thickeners are formulas that increase the viscosity of a liquid without substantially changing its other essential properties. Moreover, thickeners are often recommended for people who have a difficult time swallowing fluids safely, because these can go into their lungs and cause choking or coughing, and may pose serious risks.


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