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Absorbent Underpads

Absorbent underpads are commonly used to absorb both light and medium to heavy bladder and bowel leakage. They are very easy to use. These pads are either worn on the body or under the bed or chair protectors.

Absorbent underpads are made for both men and women, old and young alike. There are two types of pads available: Disposable underpads and Re-usable or Washable Underpads.

Each brand of underpads have different kinds of features but they offer the same purpose: for bowel and bladder control.

Features to Look for in an Underpad:

  • Ability to hold leakage
  • Purity
  • Ability to regulate smell
  • Durability and attachment
  • Efficiency and comfort in wet and dry state
  • Effectiveness to keep the skin dry

How to Choose an Underpad

Bowel and Bladder Leakage Characteristics – How severe or often are these leakages? Do you need pads for day or night use?

Personal Preference – Do you like the pads wider or smaller? Larger pads would mean fewer pad changes which are wiser if the person is always at rest or somebody who needs assistance when changing their pads. However, if the person is active or does more movement than being stagnant, it’s best they use a smaller pad.

Re-usable or Disposable – There are both advantages and disadvantages of both reusable and disposable underpads. Re-usable pads may mean more laundry but are more financially effective than buying disposable ones. Disposable ones may contribute to landfills through garbage but are convenient to use since you don’t need to clean them up.

BuyMedical features a range of high-quality absorbent underpads — from disposable absorbent underpads to reusable ones. Our friendly and well-informed staff would be happy to advise you about a suitable absorbent underpad for any situation. Shop for the finest incontinence brands here like TENA, Tranquility ATN, Dignity, Prevail, Presto, Pro-Care, Reliamed, Sofnit, and many others.

You can also browse through our catalog of different kinds of incontinence products like absorbent pads, absorbent underwear, antibacterial wipes, fecal bags, and undergarments.

Whenever you place an order from us, we aim for same-day processing and speedy shipping.

Give us a call here to know your options and how to purchase one for your needs.

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