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Re-Usable Underpads

Re-Usable Underpads are a type of absorbent underpads for incontinence. They are washable products that control leakage on the bed and other surfaces. These are known to most suffering from light to moderate urinary incontinence. There is a wide selection of incontinence products for every level of bladder and bowel condition.

More Information

  • Re-usable underpads are also known as Washable Underpads
  • These are designed to cover a portion of a bed
  • They may be used as an alternative for a body-worn-pad
  • These underpads are washed in the same way body-worn washable pads are laundered

BuyMedical offers a range of re-usable underpads for incontinence. We offer them in different sizes from a wide selection of brands. Our friendly staff will help you find the most suitable product to meet your needs.

Moreover, we make sure that the products are of high quality and reasonably priced like Prevail, Reliamed, Sofnit, and many others.

BuyMedical offers more than just reusable underpads. Other incontinence products such as absorbent pads, absorbent underwear, antibacterial wipes, fecal bags, and undergarments are sold at a low cost.

Our team intends to make your medical supplies shopping experience as smooth as possible, so we offer same-day processing and speedy shipping.

Purchase through a phone is available, so call us today.

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