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Adult Undergarments

We believe that everybody shouldn’t be held back from having an active lifestyle despite suffering from incontinence. It could happen to anybody at any age. So to protect and give them comfort, adult undergarments have become fully available worldwide.

Adult undergarments are also known as Adult Diapers. And it doesn’t matter if you are active or have limited mobility, adult undergarments will provide comfort, dryness, and protection from bladder and bowel leakage.

How to Use Absorbent Undergarments

It is worn like a regular underwear that you can pull on and off. It is recommended that the patient should take their weight measurement at the belly button and then refer to the sizing chart of the undergarment brand.


Different brands offer different kinds of features. Some may have different linings of tabs on the sides of the undergarment, like a tear-away side. Some may cost a little bit more due to additional pads or booster pads for more absorption.

BuyMedical carries a wide selection of absorbent undergarments for incontinence. We understand how difficult it is to care for a loved one suffering from incontinence. That is why we offer the most-trusted brands that will not only be convenient for you but also provide maximum comfort to people who experience incontinence.

Our team offers Prevail, Abri-Form, Wellness, Tranquility, and TENA, to name a few of the best brands in incontinence management at reasonable prices.

You can also browse through our catalog of different kinds of incontinence products like absorbent pads, absorbent underwear, absorbent underpads, antibacterial wipes, and fecal bags.

If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call today to help you find the most suitable product for you. BuyMedical is here to assist you with your incontinence management needs. We do same-day processing of your orders for speedy shipment of your incontinence products.

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