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The Pros and Cons of Using Nasal Pillow Masks

There are typically 3 types of CPAP masks you can buy in the market: the nasal mask, the full-face mask, and the nasal pillow mask. All of these masks have their own benefits and drawbacks, but for this post, we will focus our attention on the pros and cons of using nasal pillow masks.

Understanding the pros and cons of each type of mask is important in order to be able to make an informed decision when seeking intervention for issues like sleep apnea. Once you understand what each type of PAP mask has to offer, you would then be capable of making improvements on your sleep health and quality of life.

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There are many upsides of using nasal pillow masks and, like other masks, appeal to different needs. Here, we 

  • No more claustrophobic feeling

Nasal pillow masks give enough room on your face compared to the other 2 previously mentioned. Those who suffer from claustrophobia, this mask does not feel like something is attached to your face as much because of its minimal design and the fact that not a lot of it is strapped to the face. It doesn’t cover the nose or mouth so you don’t feel as boxed in as the other masks. And what’s more, no more of those weird lines on your face when you wake up!

  • Clear field of vision

Nasal pillow masks give a greater field of vision compared to its siblings, which means there will be no trouble reading through the next page of your novel or sifting through Netflix just before you hit the hay. 

  • Good for active sleepers

If you have a tendency to move around when you sleep, nasal pillow masks will stay in place the entire time and will have the least possibility of a leak. When you wake up in whatever position, your mask will stay in place no problem. If you’re already convinced to try on a nasal pillow mask, shop here.

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Nasal Pillow Masks may have its perks, but there are also some downsides to consider when deciding if it is the correct type of mask for you

  • May not be good for high pressure settings

Some CPAP users need higher pressure settings to get the sleep apnea therapy they need, and for those folks, nasal pillow masks may be too uncomfortable for that. As the air comes out of smaller holes, having high pressure settings while using this kind of mask may cause an unbearable sensation while sleeping. 

  • Mouth-breathers and nasal congestion

Some experts have pointed out that those who consider nasal pillows masks due to claustrophobia also deal with mouth-breathing or some form of nasal congestion. Unlike other masks where the mouth is covered with the nose, this mask does not directly address the mouth-breathing concern, unless you opt to use CPAP chin straps that have been proven to be effective time and again. 

  • Broken nose

Some nose shapes or injured noses may feel unwanted pressure when using a nasal pillows mask. The nasal pillows that go inside your nose can also cause irritation. Sometimes, lubricating gels can work in alleviating these symptoms but in other situations, it is worth considering another type of mask instead or for the time being. 

Nasal pillows masks, just like the other masks, are beneficial and useful for a certain group of people. Hopefully, after reading through this, you now have a clearer understanding of the pros and cons of using nasal pillow masks. 

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