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Why You Should Be Using CPAP Mask Liners

CPAP Mask Liners are important additions to any CPAP system. This is because these liners help to prevent moisture buildup, which reduces skin irritation. Additionally, mask liners help ensure that the mask fits snugly onto the face, which is key in preventing air leaks. Some people tend to find that their CPAP mask is not working as well as they had hoped. Because of this, they would then spend another couple hundred dollars trying out other masks to find a good fit. However, these issues can often be easily resolved through the inclusion of quality CPAP mask liners into your CPAP system.

Who Needs to Use CPAP Mask Liners? How Does It Help?

CPAP Therapy is only effective for treating sleep apnea if mask leaks are prevented or minimized, at the very least. If you've already tried different types of masks and yet still end up with pesky air leaks, it might be time to consider trying CPAP mask liners

How are CPAP Mask Liners Used?

Mask liners are placed on the perimeter of the mask and can help make the mask's seal more effective. The liner will also double for comfort as it provides a cushion between your face and the mask. This tool also prevents slipping by absorbing facial oils that tend to contribute to mask slippage, leaks, as well as wear and tear.

cpap mask liner
To use mask liners properly, make sure you follow these steps:
  • Place your liner on top of your mask cushion, make sure that it covers all the points that would touch your face when you use it. If your mask also has a forehead cushion, you may fold a rectangular forehead liner to place on top of the forehead piece.
  • When you are ready to put your mask on, make sure you lean forward with your face tilted downward. Then, line up your nose and mouth into your liner’s respective holes.
  • Pull your mask onto your face.
  • Return your head to a comfortable upright position.
  • You may then adjust your masks’s straps and attach its headgear. Make sure you tighten it just enough so that it fits snugly and isn’t too tight or loose.
  • If you did all the steps right and you used the correct type of mask liner, you should have a little bit of liner sticking out of the entire perimeter of your mask. Make sure you pull on these edges to stretch the liner and help it fit onto your face more effectively.

Why Should You Use Mask Liners?

Aside from protecting your skin and reducing air leaks, another reason why you should consider using CPAP Mask Liners is if you've noticed skin sensitivity or irritation around or near the mask. A tight fit, the overwhelming amount of moisture or the presence of foreign material on the face can be a cause of allergies or other related conditions around the mask. Some users even report the occurrence of sores on their face with prolonged CPAP use. If this happens consistently, CPAP mask liners can help reduce the amount of moisture and provide a cushion to eliminate skin irritation.cpap mask liner

How Do I Choose the Right Mask Liner?

There are two different types of mask liners: nasal mask liners and full-face mask liners. If you are using a CPAP nasal mask, you must use a nasal mask liner. While full-face CPAP mask users must use full-face mask liners.

It is important to use the correct size of mask liner in order to ensure it works well. Additionally, it is necessary to note the liner’s material to make sure that you aren’t allergic to it. Another factor in selecting your perfect mask liner is to note whether or not it is reusable or disposable as well as how often these liners must be cleaned or replaced. Reusable mask liners are quite convenient to use, in particular, because you wouldn’t have to fuss with it as often. 

Which CPAP Mask Should I Use if I Don’t Want to Use Mask Liners?

There are some CPAP masks that have inflatable cushioning that make it easier to adjust the mask to fit well onto the face. Additionally, its inflatable nature makes it much softer and more gentle on the skin. Given this, users who use masks with inflatable cushioning would find that they don’t really need mask liners in comparison to other CPAP users who use other types of masks.

cpap mask liner


Troubleshooting your experience just got a whole lot easier with CPAP Mask Liners. These are a godsend for many of us struggling to fix some issues and get comfortable with our CPAP machine. If you are interested in purchasing your own set of CPAP mask liners or other related accessories, you can browse our store to find more products.

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