Immune System Boosters: How to Strengthen Your Body’s Natural Defenses

The immune system is designed to protect the entire body against dangerous pathogens like bacteria or viruses. Moreover, this system is quite complex and involves a lot of different cells and enzymes that are constantly adapting. While the body does its own job of creating and maintaining this system, there are ways we can help support it. In this article, we will be looking at lifestyle changes, as well as, natural immune system boosters that can help strengthen your body’s defenses. 

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Getting More Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest not only helps you feel recharged; it also strengthens your immunity. It is during this time that the body releases immune proteins that help promote sleep and also strengthens your immune system. This means, staying up late and not getting enough sleep may reduce the production of these proteins. For adults, an average of around 8 hours of sleep seems to be the most optimal which may be a problem for several individuals who find it hard to drift off to sleep at night. Luckily, there are available over-the-counter sleep aid medications that are designed to help create healthier sleeping habits, and in turn, stronger immunity. 

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Relax and Avoid Stress 

Stress has a big effect on the immune system. Acute bursts of stress may have some beneficial effects that help boost immunity. However, being under chronic stress may weaken and reduce immune response. It can make you more prone to catching colds and having cold sores. It also has several other dangerous effects on the body. Moreover, it can lead to gastric ulcers and heart disease among other health complications. It is recommended that you spend time to identify your sources of stress to help control and manage it. There are also several physical activities that can help promote relaxation such as yoga or meditation. 

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Probiotics are natural bacteria found in the body that provide an abundance of health benefits. Maintaining an adequate amount of normal bacterial flora helps promote better health. While probiotics have been normally associated with a better digestive system, they also have an effect on the immune system. Probiotics can help protect the intestinal walls, as well as, having a hand in stimulating immune responses. Probiotics can be found in fermented food such as yogurt. There are also several safe probiotic supplements available to maintain a normal flora. 

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Proper exercise has always been an important key component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise has also been linked to having a better immune system. However, it is important to note that to get the full benefits, exercise has to be done regularly. The CDC provides recommendations on how much working out you should be doing. This includes at least 30 minutes of light to moderate aerobic exercises 5 days a week. Shopping for home exercise equipment is now easier than ever. Complete your sets of workouts at home by browsing through these exercise equipment you can purchase for your home.

The immune system is naturally designed to constantly grow and adapt. We can further aid this process by maintaining an active healthy lifestyle and supplementing it with proper nutrition and adding immune system boosters into our lifestyle. is committed to providing you safe, medically-approved, and effective over the counter medications, exercise equipment, and nutritional supplements to ensure your body gets what it needs and keeps you healthy.