KN95 vs Surgical Masks - What’s the Difference?

COVID-19 has brought with it growing concerns about health and has highlighted the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While the CDC has recommended the use of cloth masks, healthcare workers and at-risk groups may require more secure forms of protection. Currently, on the market, the two most popular masks are the Surgical Mask and the N95 mask.

Due to its popularity, there has been a shortage of supply of N95 masks. This has led the FDA to approve the importing and sale of a similar KN95 mask. Like the N95, the KN95 mask is a particle filtration respirator that can filter out 95% of particles. But what sets them apart? In this article, we will be taking a closer look between the KN95 vs Surgical masks to see what forms of protection they offer and which one may be best suited for you. 

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What is the Point of Wearing a Mask in the First Place? 

The mask is an important component of Personal Protective Equipment. Studies have shown that COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets that are released when a person sneezes or coughs. Wearing a mask helps a healthy individual by preventing these droplets from reaching their nose or mouth. It serves as a barrier to prevent particles carrying a virus or bacteria from entering your body. 

While simple cloth masks do provide a physical barrier, they cannot filter out smaller particles or droplets. They may be effective for everyday use if social distancing is maintained but they offer minimal protection if someone close by sneezes or coughs. In the healthcare setting and for at-risk groups this will not be enough. 

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What is a Surgical Mask? 

A surgical mask is a loose-fitting mask that is worn either by loops around the ears or tied across behind the head. They are made from “fibrous” material that serves as a filter against large droplets and particles. They are commonly worn in the hospital setting when performing medical procedures. They are capable of providing some protection against viruses and bacteria. However, they do not offer overall security because of its loose fit. The filter material may also not be able to prevent smaller particles from reaching the nose and mouth. This is why the use of a surgical mask alone is not recommended for use as a PPE against COVID-19.

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What is the KN95 Mask? 

The KN95 mask is a type of particulate filtration respirator. What this means is that it is a mask that has a specially designed filter that can keep out smaller particles. They offer better protection than the cloth and standard surgical mask because they are capable of filtering more particles. They also offer a more snug and secure fit for airtight protection. The KN95 mask can filter 95% of particles, like that of the N95. With a possible shortage of N95, there has been an increase in the importing of the KN95. The FDA has now approved the use of these imported masks to help protect healthcare workers and the general public. 

When comparing KN95 vs Surgical masks, it is clear that KN95 masks provide much more protection amid the ongoing global pandemic. If you are looking for a more secure form of personal protection, the KN95 mask is the better option. supplies only FDA approved KN95 masks. Ensure you have the right kind of protection by seeing what we have to offer at