KN95 Masks and PPE

KN95 Masks and PPE have been essential in the fight against COVID-19. It is used to protect healthcare workers and at-risk groups from being infected. They are invaluable in healthcare settings and can be necessary for workplace protection. Due to their importance, there have been reported shortages of this equipment. This has led the CDC and FDA to evaluate and approve the importing and sale of important PPE such as masks. One of these masks, the KN95 Mask, is a similar filtration respirator mask to the N95. In this article, we will be looking at why PPEs are important and how the KN95 mask can help prevent the shortage of necessary masks. 

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What is Personal Protective Equipment? 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) is a set of garments worn to protect and prevent exposure to dangerous elements. Some workplaces require regular use of PPEs such as hard hats or safety gloves. However, due to COVID-19, the healthcare setting and most closed-working spaces may require special PPE. COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets that are released when a person sneezes or coughs. The use of PPEs is directed in preventing these droplets from reaching the mouth and nose. The CDC recommendations are based on the amount of exposure one has to a possibly infected individual. For the general public, social distancing along with cloth masks and frequent hand washing may be enough. However, for those in healthcare facilities, they require more complete protection. These include the use of isolation gowns, face shields, respirator masks, surgical masks, and gloves. All these items ensure they are protected when handling patients and objects that may be sources of droplets. 

The initial problem was that most of these PPEs, such as gloves and masks, are disposable. This has led to shortages. The N95 Mask, which is a filtration respirator mask, was quickly in short supply. This led to the FDA reviewing and approving importing other masks from overseas. A mask that was found to have similar filtering capabilities of the N95 was the KN95 mask. 

What is the KN95 Mask? 

The KN95 mask is a type of particulate filtration respirator. What this means is that it is a mask that has a specially designed filter that can keep out smaller particles. They offer better protection than the cloth and standard surgical mask because they are capable of filtering more particles. They also offer a more snug and secure fit for airtight protection. The KN95 mask can filter 95% of particles, like that of the N95. With a possible shortage of N95, there has been an increase in the importing of the KN95. The FDA has now approved the use of these imported masks to help protect healthcare workers and the general public. 

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